The NCP4Industry Network supports Cluster 4 Horizon Europe proposers

Proposal Idea Check

Proposal Idea Check is a free service offered by the international network of Horizon Europe Cluster 4 Industry National Contact Points, NCP4Industry. This form may be submitted by the coordinator or partner, however, it is highly recommended to submit it at least several months before the call topic deadline.

Please fill the template below and send your project idea by 13th of March 2023. The NCP4Industry network will be in contact with all the participants and the feedback meetings will be organised in February-March 2023

Personal and other information filled to this form will be treated responsibly and confidentially and will not be disclosed to any third party outside the NCP4Industry network. If you have any questions regarding the Proposal Idea Check or the information included into the form, please be in contact with the organizers of this service by sending an email to

    Almost all Cluster 4 Industry Work Programme calls require submission in the frame of a consortium of at least three organisations from at least three different Horizon Europe Member or Associated States. If you have already identified some, please list them here (start with coordinator):

    Awareness of background documents, European Agenda and Strategic Agendas by Partnerships, an assessment of the idea against the chosen topic should be pursued, previous experience/ familiarity with the Industry topics should be stated if applicable.

    Specify whether the results are compatible with the Expected outcomes and the Impact as defined in the Work Programme. List what new knowledge/product/process/service will be produced (use TRLs, when applicable).

    Forming a consortium and writing a proposal, usually takes several months. Specify the stage of proposal preparation i.e. allocation of resources at your organisation, initial contact with partners, preparation of description of work, preparation of budget, and expected time to be needed for finalization.