The NCP4Industry Network supports Cluster 4 Horizon Europe proposers

“Horizon Europe Cluster 4 and Cluster 5 NCPs and EIT Community Meet Up” on 06.12.2023, online

Dear NCP,

We’re happy to invite you to the Horizon Europe Cluster 4 and Cluster 5 NCPs and EIT Community Meet Up (Second NCPs and EIT Community Meet Up) event on December 6, 2023, from 9:00 to 13:00 CET organized by NCP4Industry, Ideal-ist and Greenet NCP networks and EIT.

This meet-up is all about bringing together NCPs from Horizon Europe Cluster 4 & Cluster 5 and the EIT Community, and sharing useful information about calls, activities, and other opportunities.

Join us on December 6th via Webex to connect with EIT KICs representatives, learn about Cluster 4 & Cluster 5 current calls and EIT KICs activities, and explore possibilities of synergies.

Registration for the event is required. Please, keep in mind that this event is open only for NCPs for Horizon Europe and EIT KICs representatives. Feel free to share any questions you have for the speakers in the registration form. We’re excited for your active participation!

Agenda for this event will be published soon.

Thank you for your registration!