The NCP4Industry Network supports Cluster 4 Horizon Europe proposers

Industry Brokerage Event open again!

Industry Brokerage Event open again!

NCP4Industry, thanks to the success of the Brokerage Event of the 14th of December, is offering a new opportunity to Cluster 4 applicants

The POST Event networking has been open, and will be available until 31 March 2023So do not hesitate to visit the brokerage site,  to use this option.

You can arrange new face2face meetings in the session "Long Term Networking".

The registration to the Post Event networking has been open again, therefore you may expect new partners looking for collaboration.


If you don’t want to receive further meeting requests, you can opt-out form POST Event networking entering your profile and disabling "Long Term Matchmaking" session in the Availability section.

For further instructions please visit .

Send more meeting requests. Your future Partners are waiting for you!

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