The NCP4Industry Network supports Cluster 4 Horizon Europe proposers

How to avoid common mistakes when applying for Horizon Europe funding

How to avoid common mistakes when applying for Horizon Europe funding

The European Commission’s European Research Executive Agency (EREA) published guidance on waht to do and do not for submitting an application in Horizon Europe. In addition to general information (e.g. “Familiarise yourself with the EU policy objectives to put your proposal into perspective.”) the comprehensive support services by the National Contact Points is recommended.

Submitting a project proposal under Horizon Europe is a major challenge. Among other guidelines for your proposal, you should refer to the relevant EU policies, remain simple and straightforward, develop a convincing project idea, and stay within the page limit. In order not to overlook anything, EREA published concise guidance on dos and don’ts that addresses inexperienced and experienced proposers:

The guide suggests to contact your nearest National Contact Point (NCP) for support. In addition to advice, some NCPs offer training courses on the drafting of project proposals.

In the field of industrial technologies in Cluster 4, the NCP4Industry project supports you and your local NCPs during the application phase with partner search, proposal idea checks and other support.


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