The NCP4Industry Network supports Cluster 4 Horizon Europe proposers

Workshop on EU Materials Landscape

EUMATE-MRS, and the NCP4Industry are organizing a one-day workshop titled "EU Materials Landscape" on Thursday, September 19th, 2024, as part of the E-MRS 2024 Fall Meeting in Warsaw.

The workshop is free of charge; but registration is required, in this link.

The workshop will highlight key elements of the EU's advanced materials landscape. EU and Member States support a wide range of research initiatives, projects, and programs in advancing materials research. Those materials developed in the EU are applied across all industries. During the workshop, representatives from the EU Commission, from EUMAT, E-MRS, and NCP4Industry, as well as industry experts and practitioners will share insights, needs, and success stories from the publicly funded materials research ecosystem. The Workshop will focus on a coordinated approach to funding and collaboration between EU institutions, national governments, and regional bodies. A Round Table will also analyse the co-ordination and governance, and the push for Safe and Sustainable by Design (SSbD) principles to ensure the safety and efficacy of advanced materials, leveraging the complementary strengths of different funding entities.


More information here: link