The NCP4Industry Network supports Cluster 4 Horizon Europe proposers

Horizon Europe Industry 2024 Brokerage Event

NCP4Industry, the network of Cluster 4 - Industry National Contact Points, and the Enterprise Europe Network invite to a brokerage event with pre-arranged online Face2Face meetings dedicated to the Industrial calls 2024 available in the Work Programme 2023-2024  (Destination 1 and Destination 2).

The event is scheduled on 19 October 2023, 09:30-18:00, and will take place online only.

The event portal and the registration are available at the following link

The brokerage will contain a pitch session. You will have the opportunity to present your project idea, or your expertise to all participants of the event. Details on how to apply to contribute to the pitch session will be provided at the web site of the event.

The brokerage event is organised back to back with the  European Commission's Horizon Europe Information Day on Cluster 4 - Digital, Industry & Space foreseen virtually between the 11 and the 12th of October (link)

The main objective of the brokerage event is to gather all the relevant stakeholders intending to apply for funding in Horizon Europe. A brokerage event is suitable for anyone with an interest in participating in European projects in Horizon Europe, such as Universities, Research Centers, Private companies (including SMEs and large companies), Municipalities, Associations, Federations, Public authorities, Governmental organisations, NGOs, Clusters, Hubs, Stakeholders engaged in R&D, etc.

The brokerage events allow (virtually) participants to join pre-arranged meetings with other participants to identify possible collaborators and to facilitate the setup of Horizon Europe project consortia.

The Digital and the Space calls 2024 will be part of other Brokerage events organised by the Ideal-ISt and the COSMOS4HE NCPs networks:

  • Brokerage Event - Digital 2024 (Destination 3,4 and 6) - 16-17 October 2023
  • Brokerage Event - Space 2023 (Destination 5) – 18 October 2023