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Communication on “Advanced Materials for Industrial Leadership” formally adopted by the EU Commission

The Commission has presented a comprehensive strategy to advance the EU's industrial leadership in advanced materials, a crucial enabling technology for both the green and digital transitions. The Communication on Advanced Materials for Industrial Leadership outlines specific measures to harmonize research and innovation priorities and investments within the EU. The goal is to secure European dominance in this pivotal technology. This eagerly anticipated initiative, welcomed by Member States and industry, represents the initial phase of a unified European approach to advanced materials, setting the foundation for subsequent actions. The strategy aims to bolster the EU's long-term competitiveness by ensuring its continued prominence in emerging material technologies, fostering the development, testing, and deployment capabilities. Additionally, these actions seek to fortify the EU's strategic autonomy and economic security by diminishing dependencies on critical materials, either through replacement or by supporting their recycling and reuse.

Here the link to the official communication: link

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