The NCP4Industry Network supports Cluster 4 Horizon Europe proposers

Cluster 4 Industry NCP staff exchanges in Germany and Poland

Two staff exchange activities as part of the capacity building activities of NCP4Industry took place in April and May 2024. In addition to networking with NCP colleagues from other countries and strengthen relationships, the focus was on exchanging best practices in daily work as an NCP and discussing current political issues in the field of industrial technologies.

As National Contact Points, we support interested organisations from our home countries in participating in Horizon Europe. Here, we advise on the application process as well as the management and implementation of the projects. We continuously train ourselves, among other things, by analysing the extensive documents of the EU Commission or the publications of the scientific community to offer interested institutions the best possible support.

Another important aspect of our daily work is the contact with our NCP colleagues in other countries. In order to intensify these contacts and also to get to know the working methods of the NCPs in other countries, NCP4Industry organised two NCP staff exchange activities as part of the work package “NCPs dedicated services and capacity building activities”.

In Wroclaw and Warsaw, the Polish colleagues (National Centre for Research and Development, NCBR) hosted NCPs from Georgia, Germany and Lithuania in April 2024. In addition to presenting the various NCP activities in the respective countries, the program included company visits and an introduction on how the NCPs in Poland support companies in the application process.

“Bardzo dziękuję [Thank you very much] to Maria Śmietanka, Jarosław Piekarski, Małgorzata Kapica, Elżbieta Pietrzykowska for an amazing and engaging agenda and beneficial, practical, and interesting meetings.” – Deividas Petrulevičius (Research Council of Lithuania)

NCP colleagues from Norway and Portugal visited the German NCP colleagues at Project Management Jülich (PtJ) in May 2024. Here, too, the various NCP systems in the individual countries were discussed and best practices in daily work were discussed. The exchange of different perspectives in the analysis of Evaluation Summary Reports (ESRs) brought new insights for everyone involved and was complemented by a guided tour of the Research Centre Jülich (FZJ).

“This opportunity gave me valuable insight in ways of doing NCP work. I am so grateful!” – Kerstin Solholm (Innovation Norway)

In addition to the extensive programmes of the NCP staff exchanges, there were also always opportunities to exchange ideas on European and political topics and to discuss the current situation in the individual countries. The two-day staff exchanges were profitable for all participants on both a professional and personal level. Joint activities and further knowledge exchange via video conferences are already planned in order to continuously improve the services offered to our applicants.

The NCP staff exchange is open for all interested NCPs in the industry part of Cluster 4. For further information, contact the German colleagues Michael Wessel ( and Christof Haas (

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