The NCP4Industry Network supports Cluster 4 Horizon Europe proposers

CLuster 4 in now on the NCP Portal

CLuster 4 in now on the NCP Portal

The Cluster 4 Single Entry Point is now online on the NCP Portal!

From the NCP Portal homepage (, by scrolling down to the National Contact Points for Horizon Europe section, you can easily find the link to the Cluster 4 page.

The webpage is accessible directly here:

The Cluster 4 Single Entry Point offers a streamlined and convenient approach for accessing information and resources related to Cluster 4 projects under Horizon Europe. Whether you are interested in the digital  through Ideal-ist, the industrial sector via NCP4Industry, or  of space with COSMOS4HE, the Cluster 4 Single Entry Point provides a central hub where you can explore project details, access relevant resources, and connect with the responsible National Contact Points. Furthermore, this platform offers valuable guidance on finding your NCP, ensuring that you receive personalized support tailored to your project needs. Stay updated with the latest news, upcoming activities, and available services through dedicated sections on the Cluster 4 page.

This "single-entry-point" for Cluster 4 was jointly created by the three NCP networks for Digital (Idealist), Industry (NCP4Industry), and Space (COSMOS4HE).

Make the most of this comprehensive resource to navigate the Cluster 4 landscape efficiently and unlock the potential for successful collaborations and project proposals. Visit the Cluster 4 Single Entry Point on the NCP Portal today!

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